Dr. Yan Beliavsky Resume

      Date of birth                    1948
      Place of birth      Kharkov, Ukraine  

  •  I live in Israel since 1993.  
  •  In 1996, based on my project, company
    Super Fine Ltd  was
    The company develops Vortex Mills.
  •     In 2019, PG Wave LTD was founded, which is exploring a new physical phenomenon with the goal of creating efficient heat pumps.




1966-1971  State University, graduated Physical Faculty (chair of nuclear physics)  

Minsk, Belarus

1979-1983 Post graduated study, Academy of  Science  Minsk, Belarus




From 2020
until now

CEO and principal developer


From 1996 to 2020

   Super Fine LTD
Executive Director, Research & Development



Nuclear Power Institute

 I was the head of department of New Types of Nuclear Reactors, (five laboratories)
and the head of one of the laboratories

Minsk, Belarus











I participated in the Vortex Nuclear Reactor Project. The doctorate dealt with characteristics of nuclear reactor with movable fuel elements.
I identify myself with the scientific school of Prof. Goldshtik (Novosibirsk, Houston University) and consider myself an expert on the hydrodynamics of vortex chambers and knowledgeable with the real processes in these devices.


I am the author of large number of articles and reports and ~ 60 USSR patents, all in Russian

 Publications in English

  1.  US Patent 5855326, 1999. Process and Device for Controlled Comminution of Materials in Whirl Chamber.
  2. New version of Vortex Mill, Proceedings of the 3d Israel Conference for Conveying and Handling of Particulate Solids, The Dead Sea, May 2000, pp. 6.6-6.11.
  3. US Patent 6789756, 2004. Vortex Mill for Controlled Milling of Particulate Solids.
  4. Beliavsky Y. Experimental investigation of a temperature separation effect inside a short vortex chamber, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Malta, July 2012, pp. 1482-1487.
  5. Beliavsky Y. The Pressure Gradient Elastic Wave: Energy Transfer Process for Compressible Fluids with Pressure Gradient, Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation, Vol. 3. 1, 2013, pp. 53-64
  6. Beliavsky Y., The influence of sound on heat transfer in gases, Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”, 6, 2014
  7. Beliavsky Y E., Experimental arguments in favour of heat transfer in compressible fluids by Pressure Gradient Elastic Waves, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.107C, 2017,pp.723-728.
  8. US Patent 9670938B2 Jun 6 2017. Method and device for transfer of energy